Meet the Maker

Roland has been an enthusiasted woodworker, every since the age of 13, when a carpenter friend of his fathers was brought in to build a base for his model railway.  Once he had seen  the way that mortice and tenon joints could be cut on the ends of pieces of pine to create a sort of table, any interest he had in model railways was out of the window.  From now on, all his birthday and Christmas presents would be woodworking tools.

Model Grandfather clock in Rosewood veneers made at age 14 for Grandma’s wedding present

The  long school holidays of his teenage years were spent progressing from nail boxes and bread bins to a roll-top desk which was his main piece for A’level woodwork. Unfortunately this was pretty much all self-taught, as the main task of the woodwork teacher was very much one of crowd-control and chisel-in-head-prevention-officer.  At least they did have woodwork in schools in those days though.

The 90’s saw an improvement in workshop facilities, allowing furniture to be made in small quantities and the mirror frames to be produced for sale.  The turn of the century necessitated a move North, and unfortunately a period of about 12 years with no workshop. He now has a small workshop (garage) in Derbyshire where he can produce furniture for his own use.

Roland is spending the academic year of 2017/18 studying at  the Peter Sefton Furniture School.  Although about 75% of the subject matter is only revision, the other 20 to 30% is the part that is most difficult to learn when you are entirely self-taught.  It is the little tricks that save time, that you would work out eventually, but it is just much easier to have someone tell you. It is also the chance to learn to use expensive kit without having to buy it all first.  Some of it I will need and some of it is not necessary for the style of furniture I design.