Award winning bedside Cabinets in Cherry

A Pair of Bedside cabinets with pivoting drawers.  The smoothness of the mechanism needs to be seen to be believed.  It allows for the more interesting shape of the cabinet as well as easy opening of the drawers while remaining in bed.

They have been awarded two “Best in Show” prizes, and a “Best use of Veneer” prize, given by Mundy’s veneer.

They are constructed using a mixture of North American Cherry and European Oak. The handles are of fumed Oak – the same wood as the drawer backs, but the fuming process reacts with the tannins in the Oak to make it go a lovely dark chocolate colour.

They recently received an overwhelmingly positive reaction at the Cheltenham Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design (CCD). The use of the Cherry veneer in the Sunburst design always gave the initial wow-factor that drew people in, but it was the surprise upon opening a drawer and finding it pivoted which gave the most gasps of delight.


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